Choice of server according to your need

Hosting services are special kind of services that defines the way f hosting your web sites over the internet through web server. Web hosting service offers storage space to clients for their web sites. Sometimes reputed hosting service providers can provide you bad services. Hosting services provides storage for company, business, web users the disk space to access the data while requested over internet.

Hosting is a way to store, secure and maintain data for one or more sites. Hosting service that provides secured storage and fast access speed is said to be perfect servers. This kind of hosting is provided by some companies.

Various types of Web Hosting:
 Free top hosting: This hosting service provides dedicated way to improve your site free of cost. This services offer you their web space without any cost.
 Shared dedicated hosting: In this hosting process web site uses same features as other hosting. This hosting service provides services to many web sites on the same server over the internet. If you are looking for good service at lower price you can go for shared dedicated services because this service shares data on different sites on a particular system.
 Reseller web hosting: This kind of service offers people to set their own hosts in cheaper investment. Reseller web hosting provides full automatic control for your own hosting business. It does not require any extra technical knowledge.
 Virtual dedicated server: This service is also affordable by users. Virtual dedicated server provides full control of client on a reasonable price. This hosting service gives you a testing facility of your product before you load it on the server.
 Dedicated host service: Desire of a dedicated server is must for many companies or business. This hosting service provides the whole server to the client as a lease without sharing with anyone. If you want a fully secured and reliable web site with high speed then you can go for dedicated host services.
 Managed host service: while using Managed host services we have to manage all the web servers as it provides service in a dedicated way.

Hosting service of any of the upper category can go in a right way or a wrong manner. You have to understand all services properly. But a good service provider always solves your problem without any delay.

Understanding the problem:

Before unsubscribing the connection server you must analyze the problem. You need to recognize the problem before happening with another hosting server. Replacing sever may cause hectic problem or long scheduled solution. Thus thinking about the offers of host service to match your need may help you to get help from them.

Things to be considered before taking service:

In this competitive world at first you need to know your requirements. You must ask yourself about the type of host you want over others. If you are using a busy web site with a lot of users and you want a speedy connection then you should pay much and buy a dedicated server. Otherwise you can go for shared or free hosting servers.

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What is Webhosting?

Web hosting is the standard way for internet services provided by a company that provides web-space offers to clients for creating their own websites which can be received through WWW (World Wide Web). Thus web hosting is a place where you can find a specific website for your own business. Files that are stored on the web-space are made available to the internet, so that anyone can see them using an internet browser.

What are the different types of hosting services?

Many companies provide various kinds of hosting services to different clients depending on the requirement of the clients, they are as follows:
• Free top hosting- Many companies provide free hosting services to the customer. Thus the customer can improve his business services without any cost. You will easily get free web space on your web hosting server and then web host your web site for free. You can store your website and deliver the web pages to the Internet for free.
• Shared dedicated hosting- In this hosting service many websites are placed on a same server. This web hosting service allows you to host your website at a low price because in the shared hosting service same server and resources of a particular computer is shared by many websites, hence is affordable.
• Reseller web hosting- Today many hosting companies also provide reseller web hosting services. These services allow people to set up their own top host business or services without making a big investment. Reseller hosting service does not require much knowledge of the technical aspects of webhosting.
• Virtual Dedicated Server- For site owners who want full control of their server space then a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) is a good choice. VDS also provides a great testing service for current applications and products.
• Dedicated host service- A dedicated hosting service or a managed hosting service is an Internet hosting in which the customer leases an entire server which is not shared with anyone. Hence, this is more reliable than the shared hosting service. Dedicated hosting is a right place for hosting websites on the internet. There are two types of dedicated server: Metered and Unmetered dedicated server.
• Managed host service- Hosting services that are dedicated in manner, and at the same time manage all of the hosting services at a time, are known as the managed hosting services.
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What are the factors for unsubscribing your hosting service?
There can many things that might have gone wrong which let you to unsubscribe your current hosting service. So before you unsubscribe you need understand the reasons why things have gone wrong. You may face any of the following problems:
 Recurring service outages: If your website has repeated and lengthy periods of being offline, then the hosting company may not to be able to provide you technically competent service. In such case you may talk to your technical support or might consider unsubscribing your host and finding a better one.
 Your website is over-using its allocated resources: In shared hosting, many websites competes with the shared CPU, bandwidth and memory resources. If your website uses a lot of resources and is hosted on a low end hosting plan then you may experience slow performance or service outages then you must consider upgrading your plan to a more suitable one.
 Your web host provides lousy service: If your service provider provides you a lousy service, means you are paying money for their good service but the technicians are not paying much attention to your service, then you might opt for a better service option for your website.

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How to choose the proper Web Host

Nowadays in this competitive market hosting services have grown in maximum numbers. That’s why people get confused to choose the right one. If you are a new user then it becomes tougher to select services according to your need. This article might help you to get idea about hosting services.

The following features will help you to crack your confusions.
Storage: if you have a simple website then you should not bother about the storage space. But if you are running a strong business website or an ecommerce site then storage must be a matter of concern. Then you have to select a hosting service that not only provides today’s need but it has to meet the needs of future also.
Bandwidth: bandwidth is defined to be the measurement of resources flowing between a web site and the internet. If you r site is being visited by a lot of users then limited bandwidth can disable your site temporarily. A lot of shared hosting system claims to provide bandwidth beyond limit but they hardly do it. In most cases if you cross the limited bandwidth then hosting service providers may charge you extra fee. So be very careful about bandwidth conditions before accessing the service.

Support: Web hosting services are judged by their support efficiency. Many web hosting companies claim 24/7 support. But do they really provide? So you really need to test their service. Support also depends on the competition of market.
Server parameters: if a hosting service provides 97% of server uptime then it is said to be right service provider. If your hosting company’s server gets down frequently then it will affect your business. You have to know that how many websites can be added on that server and how many are connected till then. If the server is overwhelmed with number of web sites then it may slowdown all the time. You should also know about the physical location of your server for safety purpose.

Web stats: tracking the traffic system is a great advantageous tool for your business. Some hosting provides this kind of service with different packages. These tools let you know from where traffic is coming and help you to place your website in a perfect way.

Upgrading: you have to check that if you’re hosting service give you the opportunity to upgrade your website according to package or not. Because business can expands dynamically.

Emails: Many web hosts offers unlimited offer of email and they charges extra money for that. But sometimes you don’t need those emails as much as they offer.

Different hosting companies provide different packages. It can be monthly or yearly. Preferably you should go for money back provision periods.

FTP access: FTP access is very important in your site. Because you have to add, delete or modify your data time to time. If any service provider replaces your FTP access with their own site builders then they are binding your access to a certain limit. That’s why FTP service should be checked first.

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